Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps

87 Time Tested Marketing Tactics to Six Figures

Growth hacking for mobile appsDuring the 2 hours event, we gave the audience, candid, direct, in-depth direction for achieving a 6-figure income, disclosing the methods he used for himself (and coached many others in doing the same) to promote an app portfolio to 6-Figure Income from zero.

A whole lot of folks are still in “twilight zone” waiting for the AppStore to “get better” and “return to normal”—Which is why there is no better time to think out side the AppStore when most aren’t even seriously trying. If you are dead serious about creating a consistent 6-figure app portfolio…if you have the drive and ambition to do what it takes to create the life of your dreams, there’s no reason you can’t use the growth hacking tactics to climb and reach the top ranks of the download ladder and join the 6-Figure Club.

  • Don’t Just Increase Your App Revenue, Multiply It!
  • Grow A 6-Figure App Portfolio at the Maximum Speed Possible
  • Breakthrough Tactics That Wipe Out Your Competitor and Dominate Your Niche


 87 Growth Hacking Tactics To Six Figures

Find out why what got you to 4-6 Figures will sabotage you in getting to 6-Figures and how to fundamentally change through my growth hacking tactics. You’ll learn how money makes its way into your hands and what you must do to transform your business from a 5-figure business to a 6-figure one. Includes dozens of income multipliers and how to use them, dramatically different strategies, including real life examples from some of the most prominent players on the appstore and how it’s done.

Method For Elevating Your Social Proof

Make a fortune just by offering endorsement the right way. Peter gives you the behind the scene secret to find the right endorsement deal that scores home run.

Tactics For Accelerating Your Path To Six-Figures

Discover the critical path to maximum possible speed in reaching 6-Figures through Peter’s in-depth discussions on such tactics as Forced Virality (in-app viral component) and the 5 download multipliers. Plus how to commit and leverage each tactics.

Tactics For Breaking Through Barriers Stopping You From a Six-Figure Income

Learn how to identify and finally commit to executing the marketing strategies that stands between you and a 6-figure income. Discover breadth and depth of inner working of the true marketing professional.

Growth Hacking For Mobile Apps Full Chapter List

  1. It Has to be a BIG Idea that You, Your Team and Your Customer can “get” in a Second
  2. How to Use Celebrity Endorsement the Right Way and Identifying the Hidden Niche Celebrities
  3. Strive to Multiply your Profit 10x – 100x by Becoming a Polyglot
  4. Mind Control – Anchor an Action to the High Point of the Experience
  5. Build And Take Care Of Your List
  6. Create A Brand
  7. Trigger The Feeling Of Intrigue
  8. Crowd Source New Features and Create a Tribe
  9. The Power Is In “Powered By…”
  10. Bounce an Idea within Your Inner Circle
  11. Turn You App into an Evergreen Product
  12. Use Pricing Psychology to Your Advantage
  13. Climbing the Influential Ladder by Association
  14. Value Building and Risk Reversal
  15. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  16. Create Exponential Growth by Inventing Incentive Loops
  17. Backlinks Strategy – Signature Backlinks
  18. Backlinks Strategy – Twitter backlinks
  19. How a Simple App Naming Tactic Could Get You Tons of Free Traffic
  20. How a Change in Mind Set in Your Social Present Impacts Your Bottom Line
  21. Guide Your User by Their Hands
  22. How to Use Hashtag to Increase Exposure
  23. Sell the Experience Upfront
  24. Engage Your Customers with Survey
  25. Piggy Back Marketing – Spot a Trend and Ride the Coattails of the Giants
  26. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
  27. Building a Personal Brand
  28. Take a Spin with PowerPoint
  29. Facebook – Knowing How to Post is More Critical than Knowing What to Post
  30. Risk Reversal – Make it Easy for Your Customer to Buy
  31. Charge Premium Price and Provide Insanely Great Product and Service Experience
  32. Use Google Authorship to Increase Authority in Search Result
  33. Keeping Your Tribe
  34. The Internet Road Show
  35. The Power of “Featured on”
  36. Streamlining the User Registration Process
  37. Get a Revenue Boost by Removing Free Trial
  38. Spin Negative Feedback into Positive
  39. The Importance of Testimonial Variety
  40. YouTube Search Ranking
  41. Blog Commenting the Right Way
  42. Create your own Press Release Distribution Network
  43. Create an Inducement Prize Contest
  44. Productize Your Marketing Material
  45. Cancellation Marketing
  46. Exit Offer
  47. The Guilt Trip Marketing
  48. How to Increase Targeted Traffic with a Floating Share Panel
  49. Link Bait -Infographic
  50. How to Promote Personal Brand and Recruit Followers
  51. How to Boost Sales by Harnessing the Power of Scarcity
  52. Remarking through Autorespond Mailing
  53. Headlines Matter
  54. Pay with a Tweet
  55. The Landlord
  56. The Human Pyramid
  57. The Queue Jumper
  58. Timebomb
  59. The Winback
  60. The Roadblock
  61. Webinars
  62. Packaging Matters
  63. Vanity
  64. Intro Videos
  65. Auto-follow
  66. One Time Offers
  67. Annual Upgrades
  68. Horoscope
  69. Follow-up emails
  70. Teasers
  71. Content Seeding
  72. Email Detective
  73. Increase Conversion by Optimizing Newsletter Deliver Time
  74. Pre-fill forms
  75. Thank You!
  76. You need to sell them after they have bought
  77. Bundling up to boost transaction size
  78. Ask for Registration Afterwards
  79. The Event
  80. Responsive Design
  81. The Speed of execution
  82. Sharecropping in the New Economy
  83. Movers and Shakers Affiliate Programs
  84. Mature slowly with the rules
  85. Secret Underground Partnerships
  86. Make Money out of everything you’ve got
  87. The Money is in the NEW thing… Tap into the pulse of the future


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