What is this? When designing and building your app, make the core message of the app, as well as the benefits of using it, crystal clear to your users.

Why should you do this? We live in a very noisy world. The app store is filled with thousands and thousands of apps. The first step to a successful launch is to a have BIG idea that catches the attention of the customers. Something that’s big enough to make them stop for a moment and focus their attention to your app. You need to cease that moment and capture their imagination.

Who else is doing it? Apple’s “Think Different”, Nike’s “Just Do it”, Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing”. They are more than just slogans. This is about how your products connect to customers’ core value and how relentlessly you market the BIG idea.

How can you do this? Have a clear vision of your business and your apps. And strategically design each product and process to bring the core value to life. Painstakingly engineers features with your customer’s pain points in mind. You products should practically sell themselves.